This week the website RSVP was brought to my attention. And, not in a “I should join sorta way” but, more a “I should check out the profile blurbs”. On their profile thumbnail, one has a sentence to tell the world ALL about themselves. People must put so much thought into these lines, but they want it to seem like they have not put much thought into it at all.

I thought I would look at the athletic 22-30 year olds to see what they had to say.

I started with the males and then made my way down the female list. If you are one that is looking for a bit of late entertainment, besides waiting for your friends Facebook updates to come through, you should check out RSVP. It would be against privacy for me to publish but feel free to go have a laugh yourself.

But, also look on the other side, here we laugh at people putting themselves out there on the internet. Think about it, what would you say about yourself in one catch phrase. It may be harder than it looks.

There was one that caught my eye about a travel agent telling a guy he looks like a monkey, something different, some quirky, is that the way to go?

Share you thoughts…


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