If you don’t already know, I am training for the half marathon in Melbourne, in October.

There is no way I am going to be completely prepared and I really have to step it up if I am going to make it.

But, I am working on some smaller things to give me the boost. The other day I pledged, No Heels and No Booze until then.

However, last night I was in the cold weather most of the night and I feel a little shady today. So I think I need to look after myself even better…

I do need to work on getting a bit more sleep. Since Detox my immune system has felt invincible, I really shouldn’t take advantage of that.

The reason behind me sharing this with you is accountability, to keep me on my toes.

Is there anything you want me to hold you accountable for?


One comment on “Accountability.

  1. You seem to be able to keep on your toes.You must feel confident in your ability to apply the effort required to meet your goals. Keep it up.
    Love Dad

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