Once upon a time my Dad was very heavily involved in Shell oil, and for many years. So it was only natural to fill up at Shell service stations. During the couple of times I was in the car with Dad for long periods of time, we would always have to wait for Shell even if we were running low on petrol. And, in those times where we couldn’t wait any longer, he would only put in enough fuel to make it to the next Shell service station.

Through this influence, I too have become a fan over the years to fill up at Shell. Until now. For the better part of a year now I have been cheating on Shell and filling up at Mobil. Not because I think the quality of the fuel is better. But, for two other reasons.

1. The Mobil station is on my way out into town so I don’t have to perform any U-turns. If I fill up at the local Shell I have to do a U-turn to get there and then get stuck at traffic lights on the way back around again. I could well plan to fill up on the way home, but I like to leave things to the last minute, therefore I am always going to Mobil.

2. At Mobil I can pay at the pump, which is awesome! I think that I can get in, fill up and get out in a total of 3.5 minutes. I’m not really sure on that one, I’ll time next time.

Yesterday, I am making my stop at Mobil and my pump tells me I can’t use my card and I’ll have to go into the shop to pay. Not only is this annoying, but you then get tempted by all the things to buy at the counter. Lucky, I cut out wheat and dairy a few months back.

Going into the store did give me the chance to struck up a conversation with the person behind the counter. Apparently, 7-Eleven has taken over Mobil and they soon will all be       7-Eleven’s. AND, there will be no filling up and paying at the pump! You can imagine my disgust. Why after making my life easier must the rug be pulled out now?

So I guess this is a shout out to Shell. Please put pay at the pump in your service stations. Because, even though I will come back to you now that Mobil is dying, I would still love to save that time on my fill ups. Also, I love not having to say “no” all the time to, “Would you like to buy two chocolate bars for $3?”.


2 comments on “7-ELEVEN TAKES OVER MOBIL!

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  2. It surprised me that 7-Eleven has taken over Mobil in Australia since Mobil is now part of Exxon elsewhere. I must say that the inability in Australia to settle the gasoline bill at the pump with a credit card is a pain. At least it seems that this setback has driven you back into the arms of Shell or anyone else with a convenient petrol pump. As you know in the US petrol is called gas which can be confusing.
    7-Eleven must be doing quite well and I suppose the owner is still enjoying his mansion in Coldstream.
    Keep saying no too the chocolate bars.
    Love Dad

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