Strange Strangers

I had a couple of really strange experiences, well the same experience but two different people. I’m walking through a shopping centre and one of those people that are selling stuff stop me in the aisle. This guy grabs my hand and says “You have the most beautiful skin”. I say to him “I don’t have any money, I can’t buy anything from you today”.

He sits me down and goes on to tell me that I don’t need makeup, but takes me through a cleanser and moisturiser regime… all the while telling me he has just moved from Italy, he is sitting really close to me and telling me how gorgeous I am. I’m not buying it, I am convinced he is just in for a quick sale. But, true to his word he let me leave without hassling for a sale, he simply wanted to make me aware of the product.

So I left that strange experience and make my way into another shop. Again, the guy in the shop goes on to tell me about how beautiful my skin is…

Not everyday that happens!


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