Blisters, Capes and Goals!

I awoke early this morning, excited about catching up with a friend for a morning walk/stroll around Lilydale Lake. But, the side effects from last nights run was not going to allow this to happen. As you can see in the picture I have a pretty decent blister, 2.5cm by 2cm to be exact. I was just going to describe the blister to you because I really hate feet and I would never wish it upon you guys to see mine. But, my description would not have done it justice.

The weather was drizzly and cold. We had a business meeting on a picnic table, under a pergola instead. It was here that we came up with our steps forward for the week.

My goals for this week are:

1. Make a cape (Long Story, if I share it with you it might lose its effect. So just take my word for it)

2. Make a few phonecalls, ring all my possible leads to help me break into the Sports Broadcasting world. At the moment there are five people on the list.

3. Come up with a new set of beliefs around my career. This I am happy to say I have already done!

4. Talk to strangers. Now this really excites me, there is something about talking to people that you don’t know. This does not include people coming up to request songs when I’m behind the DJ kit or when i go to shops/restaurants. I mean stone cold, no reason for it conversations. I have to find out the person’s name and one thing about them. I understand that is is hard to measure so I have broken it into Target, Stretch, Super-stretch (‘Parenting Freak Ability’ by Mark Dobson, 2010). I have to also write down on paper the facts that I have found out!

Target: 30 people

Stretch: 45 people

Super-Stretch: 70 +

This all has to be done by next Friday.

(Today I obtained the material for my cape)


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