Goal Update.

As far as talking to strangers goes, I didn’t really create myself many opportunities on the weekend, I have a heap of work to do before Friday!

I have one person for my list, the first and currently only: Jack was in Pamplona, Spain for the Football World Cup. He said it was amazing and recommends that everybody goes to Spain.

On account of my blister, I couldn’t run the 70 minutes that I wanted to on Sunday, I was able to run about 35 minutes before by mammoth blister popped, and then I pushed myself for another 10 after that.

Today I am catching up with the players that are presenting Melbourne “Tigers TV”, I let you know how it goes. And, later on in the week I am catching up for a chat with Wade, a tattoo artist that works in Brunswick. We are going to into to the shop and see what it is all about!


One comment on “Goal Update.

  1. It always feels good when the blister bursts but keep the germs out.
    I look forward to hearing how the “Tigers TV” is going.
    I am receiving the benefit of your energy across the Pacific Pond.

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