Melbourne Show, Anyone?

Today I was at the Melbourne Show as a spectator. I haven’t been for many of years, and I certainly haven’t been as a walk around spectator (as opposed to competing, or helping with horses) for a really long time.

I was amazed at how educational the show was, but also, how much exposure to cool, new things they are.

We totally smashed the Pavilion’s! We went in everyone, except the Animal Nursery. We even saw Dogs playing with frisbees, people high diving into a pool from 25 metres high and Backflipping Motorbikes!

It’s funny because when you are a kid, all you want to do is line up for rides and spend money on food. But, today I enjoyed doing all the things we used to bag our parents for when we were little. Although, I still do love food!

My only complaint is, that the line for the Ferris Wheel was way too long, that was one of the few rides that I thought I could stomach. Instead, I was nearly killed by an axe murderer in the haunted house!

Sunny weather bought the flock of visitors to the Showgrounds today, and I think I spent a lot of the time saying sorry to the people I kept walking into.

The Showjumping World Cup Qualifier was what drew me to the show, and the one I wanted to come out of the starting blocks first, did just that. Brook was the first one on the arena, and the only rider to get a double clean round. Well done Brook.

So I thank the Melbourne Show for a highly entertaining day…. Who would have thought?


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