At least it will be a good story… and that’s all that matters.

A couple of my best guy mates are overseas at the moment. And, I remember saying to them when I left them in London was, I will keep my phone on loud when I sleep for the duration they are overseas just in case there are any emergencies.

I am happy to say that it has taken them a little over two months to actually use the emergency call. 3am, I get a call and it comes up as a private number when someone overseas calls. “Hello”, “Hey it’s me…”

So Paul goes on to tell me that, the bus they have been living in (pictured below), has just had the front brake pads fall off. They are in the middle of France, on their way up to Munich, Germany for Ockoberfest. Anyways, Paul was ringing me to ask if I could put some credit on his phone, via the internet so they could then get themselves out of this predicament.

I’m half asleep, and I’m like “come on, really?”. He’s like “you don’t even have to get out of bed”. Okay, so he knows me pretty well that there is a good chance my macbook is asleep next to my bed. And, he is lucky I know my credit card details off by heart. So it’s true, I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my sheets to credit Paul’s phone.

So that’s that.

The next evening, they need more help. They are finding it impossible to find the part and obviously this is made harder by the fact that none of them speak any French. Lucky it was a more reasonable time for me. I find myself searching French (can’t read any of it) and UK EBAY. There are lots of brake pads in the UK, but the next thing is getting them to France and finding a mechanic that will actually fit them to the bus.

I then ring my trade and car savvy cousin to discuss the matter with him, he is in London by the way. My cousin offers to source the brake pads and send them over, but warns the boys that this could get expensive. And, that is how I left the situation…out of my hands.

I do hope they got it all sorted out. I think their biggest concerns that they are supposed to be in Munich in 3 days. I know I regretted missing Ockoberfest when I lived in London, I don’t want them to experience that also.

In saying that, it will be a great story to tell down the track when they are out of the initial frustration.

Good luck guys, I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon! I do want to add that these guys are my protectors when we are out and about in Melbourne, so I guess the least I can do is put some phone credit on for them.


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