Rain, Hail or Shine!

I am awoken this morning by heavy rain pounding down on the roof. I am feeling unmotivated to run the 16km’s I had planned for the morning. I send my running buddy a text:

“Rain, Hail or Shine?”


I REPLY “That’s what I thought”

Gines is running late as usual, and I am running early. I take a look in the chemist to see whether I can improve on the padding in the shoes to get rid of blisters.

My view from the car before the run…

Before the run…

Above is the track that we took. I am happy to say that I have no blisters thanks to…

After the run…

Gines Outfit!

I’m so glad that we still did our run today, I am looking forward to the Half Marathon. After training in the hills in the Valley, I hope the flats of Melbourne will be easy!


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