I don’t know if it is just my house that has been invaded by blowflies, but they are everywhere!

Why are they so loud and annoying? I mean I can sleep through the garbage truck, but I can’t sleep through a fly in the room.

The thing that gets me is how scary they can be. I don’t want to hurt anyone with the whole cruelty to animals thing, but, I like to spray the little suckers. The thing is, its great if you get the spray on them directly they just fall down dead. However, if you miss them and spray it in the air, they take about 10 minutes to die and they raise their voice a million.

This is when they get scary. They start just flying into walls, and pillows and my head/arms whilst I’m lying in bed. Now that really freaks my out. Then they fall, they buzz a little and get back up again to fly, and they live for another 20 minutes!

Why was the small animals in the world given so much power. Mosquitos are scary, and so are blowflies!


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