Seriously, this could have been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Until a couple of months ago I have never considered myself a “runner”. I remember when I ran 10km, it was the biggest distance I had ever run, and I did it in 60 mins flat. And then the week after that I did 14km, then 18.5km and then Race Day, 21km’s!

The atmosphere at Melbourne Marathon was amazing. When we first started I kept saying to Humie, “This is so much fun”. There were 9000 entrants in the Half, and 7852 finished, I’m not sure how many started.

I was devastated when we had been running for probably 12 minutes, we passed the 2km marker. I thought to myself then, what am I doing? But then, the leaders of the Marathon started running past and all the Half runners were cheering and clapping, it was a really great atmosphere. The first 8km’s were the hardest, at the 7km marker I was ready to walk.

The trek around Albert Park Lake, if your a Melbourne resident, it is not a pretty run at the best of times… We could see all the competitors on the other side of the lake coming back towards us. But, we filled our time with high-fives from randoms, making new friends and a few singing outbursts.

Mentally I had convinced myself that once I got around Albert Park Lake we were on the home stretch. Running back up St. Kilda Road really hurt. Humie and I continued to keep ourselves amused, and at one stage I even broke out “You Got the Love” by Florence, which was a crowd favourite.

But, I guess my favourite thing was when our friend Gines found us, started running with us and taking photos/video. The plan had been that Gines was going to give me cards to open at the Start, 2km, 7km, 12km, 16km, 20km and Finish…or something like that. However, we missed each other at the start. So he tracked up down on the course and read out the cards up to the 12km. It was a good lift within the last 8km.

I was in so much pain, I just stayed on Humie’s shoulder, one foot in front of the other. Within the last kilometre there were people throwing up, passing out, falling over, which made me sick to the stomach. My family had situated themselves right at the door of the MCG, I have never been so happy to see them.

I start walking in the MCG, Humie is yelling at me “NO! NO! NO!”. We grab each others hand and sprint to the finish, just like in the movies. I pass the line. I figure out, I can’t breathe and I want to cry. They hand us our medals, shoes off for me and I waddle through the marshalling. Water station and an apple, perfect!

I inspect the feet. There is blood. It was a long waddle back to Swan Street for breakfast. I defiantly feel like this was a massive challenge for me, I guess I am quite emotional about it. I mean I decided back in June to do the race and I had just put so much emotional thought into it.

I just want to thank my family for coming along and supporting. Obviously, I have to thank my running partner for the day… she was awesome, we were determined to stay in front of the 2 hours and 20 minute runner. We did it in 2 hours 14 minutes, Wooo Hooo!

Finally, a massive shout out to ST.MEL who continues to support me! They are the raddest street wear around When I wear my St.Mel gear I know I can face the world!


5 comments on “THE HALF MARATHON!

  1. Oh my god, I just finished your entry and started crying!!! WTF? Through the shitty knee, the blisters, the pain and the blood, you rose up from the asphalt, one foot in front of the other and finished! Do you hear me? You finished!! Good on you Sammy, a milestone event. You little bloody legend, Love Dolly x

  2. What a mighty effort!! I have been reading all about the preparations and totally expected you to finish triumphantly as you did. The pictures capture what must have been a very satisfying(but hard) day for you.
    I hope that you now can take the time to have David Zuker have a look at your knee.
    We both try to keep up with journey. A little exhausting at times but the enthusiasm comes through and Barbara climb on the wagon again and follow.

    Love Dad

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