freedomTiger soul searching in progress…

I came across this… Hilltop Hoods are the ONE HD Featured Artist of the month. Who would have thought eight years ago when I was rocking out to their music that they would be a household name today in 2010! Thank you for the inspiration Hilltops…

It has been a crazy week. After running the Half Marathon I was on the biggest natural high. But, we all know what goes up, must come down. I have been really tired this week. I went to a boxing class on Wednesday night and I had a 5am start on Thursday morning for the Melbourne Tigers 2010/11 Season Launch Breakfast, the season tips off tonight on ONE HD at 8pm.

This week has seen me question my writing, question myself and question my path. I am aware that this is the path I have chosen but I question, whether a 9-5 office job may be the option for me. With my old job, although I was unhappy, at least it had some key ingredients for survival and hope:

Formula (A+B+C) = (D+E)

A: Hard work
B: My maximum personality
C: My highest skill
D: Personal Satisfaction
E: Money
I am currently trying to apply that to my current situation.
Hilltop Hoods broke the mould. They conquered. They worked hard to get there, they worked on it for 10 years before they were recognised on a broader level.
I will be able to say I have conquered. Now, get off the couch and do it!


2 comments on “Offline

  1. I always wandered why I was given a half tankard
    with the inscription ‘ She came , she saw , she conquered ‘ must run in the family.

  2. How did the Tigers launch go? With all that excitement at the start of the season don’t stay down too long. Let me know how things are going with the Tigers.You have a lot of exciting things on and with your focus and enthusiasm you can move ahead.
    Thinking of you.
    Love Dad

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