All it takes is a little hope…

I could have collected enough water out of my eyes to bathe in yesterday. And, for what?

I got an email back from the editor of the soccer magazine, he thought, and I quote, it was “great stuff”.

Next week I am doing my first AUSSIE HIP HOP interview for BEAT magazine. OMG!

Last night at the Melbourne Tigers game I went in the ONE HD van!!! I am a point of contact for them at the games. And most importantly, I am the point of contact for the sports presenter “Roger”.

It was funny, we were chatting before the game and he asks me “So, what exactly do you want to do?” and I reply “What your doing.” We laughed. And then he said “It must really annoy you that I don’t know basketball and I am covering the game?” I replied “You know what, by the end of the season you are going to be a pro!”

Someone once told me, and I don’t want to say who because, personally I don’t want to give him a big head. But, this person said “whatever job you have, do that job the best that you can, and people will recognise that.” So this season I will be the best point of contact ONE HD will have and the best media liaison the Melbourne Tigers can have.

In my moments of self doubt yesterday, and for the future self doubt days, I’m sure there will be many more…

I must throw a thankyou out to my beautiful friends for being on my side!



3 comments on “All it takes is a little hope…

  1. Great news from the soccer magazine “great stuff’.An interview for beat magazine sounds like progress for somebody who is going to make a mark as media liaison for the Tigers. Learn all you can do the very best you can and you will make progress towards your aims and objectives.
    Up the Tigers and up and away Samantha.
    Love Dad

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