Today’s Formula

Productivity = Happiness

Happiness = Success

Today I have been productive:

1. Sent a sample article to HORSE magazine

2. Prepared for my first interview for BEAT magazine tomorrow with Aussie Hip Hop group “Pagen Elypsis”

3. Spoke to my bestie “Humie” about our starting our business/working for ourselves path

4. Emailed some contacts in the industry

5. Did some PR work

6. I rang Telstra about getting a new contract and iPhone 4

Now I am going to go ride my horses, and then I have boxing class at 5.30pm!

PS. I wish I had looked after my blisters a little better after the Half Marathon. One may be a little infected. Whoops!


2 comments on “Today’s Formula

  1. Today’s formula sounds potent and productive. Interviews and writing well about them is one of the key skills of journalists and other writers. You seem to be opening up opportunities for yourself in addition to your established relationships which provide something of a platform for you.
    Look forward to seeing soon .In the meantime goodluck.
    Love Dad

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