Last night was perfect! A perfect end, to an almost perfect love affair!

An early conversation that I had about music with my sister has stuck with me. I remember we were at our Dad’s house in St Kilda, we had just jumped in the car and the stereo was on. My sister did the whole “Ooo I really like this song!” and turned the stereo up.

At the time my sister was heavily into Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guns n’ Roses.

I think she commented “I couldn’t live without music”. I never understood that, and it would be many years until I did. The smart arse that I am said “But, if you never had music then you would never know what you are missing”.

It’s strange that I remember such a conversation…

It would be a long time after that I really understood what she was trying to share with me.

Summer 1997. This is when I met Powderfinger (as in the music, not the band), and I guess it is when I fell in love for the first time. To be specific the album was Internationalist and it changed my life. It would be the first CD that would start a very large collection of music.

When the sun is shining and the BBQ is running, or when I am driving in my car with the sunshine and the windows down, this is when I feel closest to Powderfinger.

I tried several times to get tickets for the Sunsets tour, but I missed out over and over again. I wanted them to be a gift for my sister for her 30th, a thankyou for introducing me!

I was devastated when I missed out. But, then fate stepped in and a friend had an extra ticket. My sister gave me her blessing to go without her.

Sidney Myer Music Bowl. They opened with Belter and closed with These days and everything in between was amazing, including my favourite song, Passenger. I couldn’t help have a little thought for Heath Ledger, both These Days and Belter featured in his first movie, Two Hands.

I think with these farewell tours, and these big concerts that sometimes the band’s emotions can come across fake. But, Bernard Fanning said what it was early on. A celebration of their time in the industry, and a time to have a good time!

At one stage of the night Bernard did see his high school girlfriend in the crowd, who dumped him may I add!

A wise person once told me “Music Saves Lives” and it doesn’t matter how many times it saves me I always get a surprise when it does!

Hats off to the Kings that are Powderfinger… Thanks for letting me be a Passenger and remember These Days that we spent together.

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One comment on “Last night was perfect! A perfect end, to an almost perfect love affair!

  1. I liked the comments from you both during the 24hr event. The photos of the concert are impressive and the story was well put together. Gosh i hope that the Tigers can get their act together so that we can enjoy a victory together. Hope all the writing is going well
    Love Dad

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