Mackenzie Photography

‘Mackenzie Photography strives to make photography work for you, whether you require images for your business, family or friends – from the smallest jobs to the biggest campaigns, on location, in the office or the comfort of your own home.’

Nominated Top 5 Sport Cover, Maggie Awards 2010

Mackenzie Charlton was born to create images. She has never wanted to do anything else but create images, this was evident even at high school where she excelled at photography and graphic design. She graduated from PSC (Photography Studies College) in Southbank, Melbourne in 2001.

Mackenzie believes, and is thankful that she was blessed with a natural eye. She rarely thinks about the composition of the shot before taking the picture, everything falls into place.

Straight out of college, she landed a job working for a company in the Yarra Valley. In the years she worked for them she covered Weddings, Portraits, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Dog Shows and Horse Events.

For the five years prior to starting Mackenzie Photography, she worked for a company where she created images for catalogues five days a week, the same thing over and over again.

Mackenzie believes that the success of Mackenzie Photography has evolved from working that five day a week catalogue job. There was no room for big ego’s, or work hoarding or selfish behavior, everyone at the company worked as a team. That is the approach that Mackenzie Photography has taken on the world with.

The motivation behind having a start up business is similar to most entrepreneurs. Work for yourself. All proceeds go to the one pocket. Make your own hours. It has allowed Mackenzie to try different things, travel, music and sailing. And most of all it has allowed her to explore her talent, she is no longer creating images of the same thing day in and day out.

Mackenzie loves shooting weddings because she is allowed to do what she does best, that is capture the moment. There are no constraints, there is no finish to the shot. The images are the art, the people are the subjects and the photographer is the artist.

Mackenzie Photography is not limited to Weddings. This year she landed her biggest contract thus far with Country Road. Her photos regularly are on the front cover of Outer Edge Magazine, one was nominated top 5 for the Maggie Awards, 2010.

There is more on top of her experience in Sport, Portraits, Weddings and Hot Air Balloon Rides. Mackenzie steps inside the doors of business to create images for corporate websites, brochures and advertising. Also on the odd occasion, she tackles food photography.

Mackenzie Photography is versatile. But, it is the person behind the camera that makes this the reality. Mackenzie wants the customer to be happy, and believes that photography should be affordable for everyone depending on the purpose. She has excellent people skills, she is easy going and she makes the client feel comfortable to express their ideas, concerns and vision. If you book a shoot with Mackenzie Photography you will not regret it!

To learn more about Mackenzie Photography click on the link on the top right corner, or visit the website

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