Mini Break


A couple of months ago I entered a competition to become a “Vitasoy” Cafe Reviewer. It was around the same time that I entered the competition to be a roving reporter for the Aria’s. But, I guess lucky for me the “Vitasoy” Competition was not based on people liking me on Facebook.

I found out today that I actually won, I am the Victorian Representative. The review that I wrote on Chowder House, in Daylesford will feature on the “Vitasoy” website, and it will feature in Delicious magazine.

Every article that gets published gives me more leverage to do what I want. Opportunities will arise from this one.

Today was a good day, it has shown me that slowly, yet surely I am chipping away in the right direction. Just think of Shawshank Redemption, he escaped from prison with nothing more than a tiny pick!

Check out the “Vitasoy” website to see my name in print…


2 comments on “Mini Break

  1. Dear Sam,
    Congratulations.This is good news and publication in a variety of magazines will gradually build a reputation for you.”Delicious” magazine sounds tasty.I am looking forward to seeing more of your work next week.

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