Big Horse?

The last couple of years I have been riding small horses, when I say small I mean about 15.3, just 16 hands high (hh).

It makes life really easy because you don’t need a step to get on, as they second as a step ladder within themselves. One bounce and your in the saddle. Recently, I have acquired a horse that is 17.1, and growing. When I put the saddle on I can’t even see over his back. It has been indented into my mind that a horse that height, I surely can’t get on without the help of a trusty step.

This has been working fine, walking him over to the step and getting on. However, this horse is a little stubborn. When I say little, I mean a lot, even to the point that Mum wants to call the horse “Samantha”, and it’s a male.

So the horse, his name is Alfa, has decided that he is done walking over to the step to allow me to get on with ease. The last two days I have got on the horse without assistance.

So imagine this. I’m standing next to my horse. I put my left foot in the stirrup, which is pretty much under my arm. I hold onto the front of the saddle, three little bounces and I launch myself into the air. The horse starts to walk while I am hanging off the side of him. At this same time I realise I probably should have done the girth up a little tighter.

But, despite the minor difficulties I learn that I can actually get on the horse without the assistance. I just have to work on the horse not walking whilst I am trying to do so.

There is spring left in these young legs!


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