Christmas poses a challenge.

In April of 2010 I began to see a Naturopath for severe health reasons. One of the side effects of these health issues was regular nanna naps in the middle of the day. These naps would have been going on a good three or four years of my life. After completing a 9 week detoxification of cutting out anything fun in my diet, I was able to live without these naps…I was thrilled.

However, Christmas time poses a major challenge for me. Not only have I cut some foods out of my diet, but i drink less alcohol and avoid beer when I can.

The alcohol puts stress onto my body. A fortnight ago I was on the drink both Friday and Saturday night. The following week I was forced to take a nanna nap. After further Christmas celebrations during the weekend just passed I have taken a nanna nap today.

It really disappoints me because I have lived for 9 months without a nap (except on holiday in Europe but that doesn’t count). Do I let my body be a little lazy for a couple of weeks? On top of that I have not been to the Naturopath in a couple of months due to the fact that every visit costs me over $100, but I hope to change this in the new year.

I just feel so angry with myself because I have let myself get this tired…

My challenges at Christmas and the New Year.

PS. I love my no wheat and dairy lifestyle now


One comment on “Christmas poses a challenge.

  1. no no no Sammi, do NOT let the festive season get the better of you. you know we are in the same boat. just don’t over indulge. if you need to have a drink, don’t drink beer, have a few champagnes or vodkas or something….I have lost 23kg now and for the first time yesterday I ran up hill into Daylesford & back….it has always seemed like such a huge feat to run up hill for 3 km but I did it…and then i ran back…. think of your training, think of your marathon, think of every fucking morning rain, hail or shine that trained and know that you are strong, disciplined and mindful….I’m not saying you have to be hardcore and eat nothing but rice cakes, but just be mindful of what you eat, and the effects it has on your body…and make your decisions based on that and not old bad habits which keep rearing their ugly, napping head!! love you x x

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