Travels no more…

More than three years ago a good friend of mine left Australia to travel around the world, starting of course in the UK. In the time he has been gone he covered the UK, Europe, Canada, Central America and some other destinations.

This year he gave his Mum the best present of all for Christmas, he came home.

Last night I asked him how old he was when he left home? He was 24, the same age I am now. This got me thinking…

There are so many options for what we choose to do with our time. Some of us spend hours studying in school, some live on the dole, some become elite athletes and some travel. I can’t even imagine traveling for that amount of time, six months was enough for me.

When I was 21 years old I never imagined that this is where I would be in life. When I was 21 I was following a completely different career path than the one I now live. In my mind I have hope of what the next three years will hold but you can never be sure.

So my friend comes home after this time and he gathers with his friends like nothing has changed, things are just as he left them. He has the new stories for them to feed off, he has the opportunity to share his life lessons that he has acquired. It’s like they have been in limbo waiting for him to come home, and there is a possibility that most of them have.

The homecoming party last night has reminded me about the importance to continue to dream and continue to move forward…


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