Proud to be Australian

It’s hard to believe that next month, two years ago, our country was seriously threatened by bushfires and we were in the middle of a serious drought. The area in which I live in was on fire standby mode and we had all our things we wouldn’t leave without in the car. The horses lived without rugs on for weeks incase they got burnt and we had decided which horses would be left behind if there was a fire, we only had enough room for six to go. I even had my best friend stay here for two days incase of evacuation, he was going to leave his old Skyline here in exchange to save my Rav 4.

Now, our country is being seriously threatened by floods.

It’s strange though back when the fires were alight, I did not feel the emotion I do now. During the fires it was my friends that were in danger. With only one personal connection to Brisbane, I still feel more for the people that are going through these traumatic floods.

I guess because I have time to watch the news because of the distance Queensland is to Victoria, compared to the fires, we watched them all from our back porch.

These times of stress remind me how proud, honored and thankful I am to be an Australian. People in Victoria have taken leave from their jobs to go help the flood survivors. Every sporting club around the country is raising money for the flood victims. Even the Brisbane Lions Football Club was out helping with the clean up today.

Australians continue to look around and wonder how they can help…

Even the Australian athletes overseas are contributing to the Flood Appeal.

I am truly touched by our countries courage, faith and team approach. Australia Day (26th January) is particularly special this year, a day that we can truly reflect on our country and its people.

My heart goes out to the ones we have lost.


One comment on “Proud to be Australian

  1. A great story.You have used your personal experience of the tragic fires to capture the drama and pathos of the floods. Fires and floods,part of Australia’s history os vividly captured by some of our famous poets.This is the stuff! Keep it up.
    Love Dad

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