Times are changing…

A couple of big things happened in sport today in Aus. Ian Thorpe announced his return to competitive swimming in a 45 minute long press conference. He has been training in secret for the past 3 months, in 8 different locations including overseas.

In a shorter press conference (20 minutes) however, more relevant to myself. DMac was appointed Head Coach of the Melbourne Tigers. The decision came after Westover “resigned” the day before. With Westover gone, Seamus was able to let Eric Devendorf go.

This may not be the end of the changes as the team is on a game by game review, the team now looks for the rebuild for next season but may have lost a lot of respect from the supporters in the last 24 hours.

Westover promised he would not leak the announcement but he spoke to the Herald Sun and there was a very generous sized article in print preceding today’s conference.

I believe DMac will do a good job as the Head Coach. He stated “he will give those that work hardest at training the minutes on game night” and he looks forward to giving the younger guys a run.

Giddey I think was surprised he didn’t get let go with Al but also shattered with his departure. DMac was quick to offer support and share his excitement to be working with Giddey and they look forward to having some fun over the next 10 games.

It’s a sad time for the Tigers but also a great opportunity for the players still on the court and the new coaching panel.

We play again this Sunday 6th at the Cage, I think we are all intrigued.


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