I thought I better write this blog entry before my arms seize up from the crazy boxing session that Elite Humie and I did this morning.

Since October 11, I have been highly unmotivated to stay fit. I ran 21km’s in the Melbourne Half Marathon on October 10, I had blisters the size of 50 cent pieces and a swollen knee that clicked and hurt with every step I took. I wasn’t that keen to put my body through any sort of stress anytime soon.

In saying that, the next week I started boxing workouts. There was not a heap of running involved which suited me fine. It felt great though because I was super fit and I was managing five punch combinations. So I laid off the running (once a week) and went to boxing class twice a week as well as random rides on my horses.

Boxing class finished up for the year a couple of weeks before Christmas and I was devastated because it was not going to start again until the end of January. What was I going to do in that time? Well I have a very clear answer for you… I was destined to get fat.

Since January 1st to this day, and it still stands, I have been on one run, a grand total of 2km’s.

However, this week I have set a new goal, I entered the ‘Run For the Kids’, a 14.5km run through Melbourne finishing with a slight uphill battle through the Burnley Tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge. Hopefully this kicks me into gear. I have been avoiding getting back in the ring (figuratively speaking), but after today I look forward to boxing class on Monday night.

The importance of setting new goals all the time…

So I turn to you guys once again to keep me motivated like you did in the lead up to the 2010 Melbourne Half Marathon. Let me know what inspires you when it comes to exercise and how you like to change it up!



2 comments on “Deadline

  1. well I reckon everyday we wake up is a bonus and exercise is a great way to spend parts of the day
    the only way exercise hard work and fun

  2. The boxing training sounds like really good and effective exercise. I have missed your articles and hope to see more soon.It will be great to catch up in Melbourne next week–Feb 21st to morning 25th. Maybe there is a Tigers game.
    What do you think of the Egyptian Revolution which has been facilitated by all the things that you are good at blogs,facebook and twitter and I suppose some word of mouth.

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