Meat & Wine Co.

Last night I experienced a certain amount of pleasure that we should not allow our bodies to feel everyday…

I had dinner at Meat & Wine Co. and I had a serving of red meat, which I rarely do these days.

First, I’d like to point out how amazing the menu is and that there was so much choice. I ended up going with the Beef Spare Ribs (half rack), Dad demolished the Pork Spare Ribs (full rack) and Mackenzie (my sister) enjoyed the Skippy. I must admit she did a good job to eat it, chef’s recommendation to have it rare, that thing was still hopping around on the plate, I would have struggled.

Furthermore, a reflection of the restaurant name, they had a vast choice of wines and even top shelf spirits to tickle your fancy. Some of the meals that passed our table looked amazing, hanging meat skewers, full set of ribs with a steak on top (I think if you smashed that you were left with a percentage discount on your bill) and there was even a large range of chicken and fish dishes.

The Beef Spare Ribs were amazing! My mouth was watering before they even got to the table. I had been at boxing class for an hour and a quarter before arriving so I was pretty famished!

The desert menu was just as good as the main menu. I decided to side step my food avoidances for the night, even though I would go on to feel side effects later. I had the chocolate pudding. As I pushed my spoon into the top of the pudding to take my first bite, with it came a waterfall of hot chocolate sauce. Mmmm, so divinely yummy! Well, that’s my calorie blowout for the month.

So I beg you please if you have the chance, you have to visit the Meat & Wine Co. on Southbank in Melbourne. Maybe just make sure you haven’t eaten for a long time beforehand so you can really take in all it has to offer, and secondly, maybe think about catching a cab home so you can enjoy the fine drops of wine.


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