Too old for the mosh pit?

It’s Monday morning and I just got off the phone to a friend, he asked about my weekend?

I told him I had spent the weekend in Tassie with a couple of friends where we attended the biggest music festival in the state, besides Falls, MSFest. I told him my muscles were extremely sore from moshing. He replied “Aren’t you a little old to be spending your time in the mosh pit?”

And, maybe after this past weekend I do think I am a little old…

Firstly, I need to say the line-up at the festival was amazing. I was able to see Horrorshow, Drapht, Bliss & Eso and The Presets. There were a couple of others amongst it but they were the main ones I was thrilled by. Whilst Horrorshow and Drapht were playing, Gyroscope and Birds of Tokyo were on the other stage, so you only had the true Aussie Hip Hop fans in the crowd.

Hands down, the Drapht mosh pit was the craziest I have ever been in. Back in July 2010 I spent time in London where I saw Horrorshow and Hilltop Hoods, and I thought the party was off the tap in that crowd, but MSFest put that the shame.

Let’s just say that if I had fake boobs that they would have burst because I was pressed so hard into the people in front of me. There were even times that I had to check if I was still breathing. I had a boy that was trying to crowd surf drop on my head, I went with the crowd and fell over twice and it make it worse I was wearing really loose jean shorts and by the time the set was over they had fallen a fair way down my legs, not that anyone was going to see anything in that crowd anyway.

I had carefully straightened my hair in the morning but this was a distant image after I left the Drapht mosh. My hair was dripping with sweat along with my singlet and my clean shoes and socks now supported a grey, brown tinge.

When the set was finished I shook the guys hand that I had gone into battle with (meaning we braced with each other to hopefully fend off being victim of the crowd) and I sat for a moment to gather my thoughts before heading into the Bliss & Eso audience.

And, here we go again… It was no nearly as bad as Drapht, but it still had some sting. Bliss & Eso put on a performance, they were quick to work the crowd, getting them jumping and yelling back phrases of their songs. It was almost a little too smooth if you ask me, but I guess it’s the same if you see the Hoods, the performances have become a second nature.

It was now time for the headline act, a band that has been hiding for a couple of years and have just decided to re-surface, an old favourite, The Presets. Considering I am a bit of a Aussie Hip Hop junkie it seems strange the deep love I have for The Presets, but they know how to rock a CD, and they know how to rock a stage. It was crazy good. I stayed out of the mosh this time around and opted to have some space to dance, and I am glad I did because the set was off the hook. I look forward to the up and coming CD and hopefully seeing The Presets a little more in public.

Then it was over. After 12 hours, alcohol and many toilet breaks it was time to leave. The wait was not long and awkward, rather a brisk walk out the gates and along the streets of Launceston. The local pubs were gearing up for the giant night ahead.

I have come to a verdict though when attending festivals. Drink less, therefor you spend less time lining up at the bar (30-45mins) and less time lining up for the toilet (30-45mins). I think my tally was 4 Smirnoff Blacks and 3 toilet stops. Not too bad I don’t think. And, if you are going to drink a lot, at least go sweat it out in the mosh pit!!!

You will only regret it when Monday rolls around and you have super sore stomach muscles and you can hardly lift your arms above your head because you were jumping with your hands in the air for so long.


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