Detox Round Two

For those of you that know me, you would know that I undertook a 9 week detoxification last year which flipped my world upside down and left me in tears. On the plus side my reasons for undertaking the detox are still evident. I have not been sick since that day and I live a more painfree lifestyle.

However, I thought lately that I have been lagging a bit (an extra 4kg’s to carry around is evidence of this) and the more than average alcohol consumption on the weekends has led me to believe that I must do another detox.

I am in day four of a six week program and I must say thus far it has been a much easier transition. The brilliant thing is that I am aware of the way I will feel and look after the 6 weeks. I lagged on a few things last time but I feel with a more strict approach I will achieve better results than before.

Thanks for the support


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