Getting it done.

I’m 4 weeks into Detox and I have a lot to report.

I have discovered that last years Detox hitting me hard, was not going to be a one off thing. Round two has also giving me a fair slap around. My Naturapath recently expressed that she hasn’t seen anyone react to Detox the way I do. What she means by this is… It turns me into an emotional wreck, I question myself and I cry. Last year I did everything I could to make it work, it was my life. This year I have made it fit into my life, but with this I haven’t given my body time to recuperate, and my sleep levels have actually decreased since commencement (it really should be the other way around). Leaving me tired and run down, need more sleep.

After 3 weeks I hadn’t lost any weight. And, I know why- too many carbs! They are the devil I tell you.

Since being alerted to the above fact, I have stepped it up a notch, I now carry nuts, celery sticks and carrot sticks around with me all the time. I have started a new fitness program at Vision Personal Training in Chapel St, and last night I completely gutted and clean out my wardrobe. See pictures below…

The key this time around is maintenance…

It was fitness testing today at Vision.

Beep Test: Level 8.2

Rower: The idea of this test id to see how far you can row in 1 minute. If you can get in the 300 metre section or close to it, you are doing pretty well. The best distance for a girl (on the whiteboard) is 299 metres, I rowed 292. Woo Hoo! Super pumped about that.

I’ll check back soon to tell you my progress.


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