The benefits of being Sri Lankan!

I was having lunch with a friend of mine today and he made a statement, he “wants to run the Melbourne Marathon in a time that is fast enough to qualify him for a spot in the 2013 Boston Marathon” I asked “What would that time be?” he replied “sub 3 hours”. I said “Gees, only the Nigerians do that!” That is serious I think to myself.

I ponder, and then I wonder. Don’t take offense to what I’m about to say. But, my friend is of dark colour, Sri Lanka to be exact.

From years of study and reading sport science books I know that
African American people have some advantages in the running department. They have a greater bone density, larger muscle fibers, stronger Achilles tendons and their pelvis is already tilted forward in the right angle for running.

So with this knowledge, I begin to quiz my friend. Do you have pelvic tilt? No. Do you have larger muscles? No. Strong Achilles tendon? No. Greater bone density? No.

This leaves me a little confused. So I say “you don’t possess any of the attributes that African Americans have to excel you in running.” Then I ask, “so how are you and I different?” Hey says “nothing, I just have darker skin pigmentation.”

I feel pretty satisfied with my findings at thus stage. I shug my shoulders and say “well good luck to you running sub 3 hours for the Melbourne Marathon!”


One comment on “The benefits of being Sri Lankan!

  1. This is funny as hell — fricken hilarious!!! — though with all due respect I don’t believe a word of it. “Stronger Achilles”? “Tilted pelvises”? Where’d you get this stuff? Maybe I haven’t been watching as much House as I should, but when I have time later I’ll be doing some googling. Nonetheless, very funny!

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