Freedom Tiger Update!

A friend alerted me this week to the fact that I have been a little slack on the Freedom Tiger blog, and the fact of the matter is, I have had a heap of stuff going on both physically and in my mind.

Since the mind can get a little complicated, I will start with Freedom Tiger and its new physical surroundings. Firstly, the immediate physical surroundings of Freedom Tiger have changed with the office space (photos to come) being ready to move into. On board at “Gordon Studios” we already have a Graphic Designer, a Photographer, a Kids Modelling Agency and an Events Planner.

As with all renovations it’s hard to imagine the finished product with the shambles that the building was when we first moved onto the premises. But, slowly our excitement has been building and now the place is fully equipped with running water and a toilet. I’m kidding, it has other stuff too, like a kitchen,  a shower, a meeting room and it’s only just over the bridge from the socially superior Chapel St.

The second advancement for Freedom Tiger is that it has joined BNI, a business networking initiative that has groups all over Australia, and all over the world! The basis of the groups is that we create and gain business opportunities through referral. A person wanting to do business is more likely to be trusted if they are a referral from another trustee, but, it also means as a member you have access to a massive portfolio of businesses that could help your networks, and in turn you can help them. The other great thing about BNI is that only one business from each profession can be part of that sector, for example there can only be one Graphic Designer, one Life Coach and one Insurance Broker in the Chapel St sector.

I have become part of the Chapel St sector, although I am in the learning stages of the process, I am already enjoying being around like minded business people every Wednesday morning at 7am.

I just want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the faces of the people I have been able to have a one on one meeting with so far.

My first One on One was with Chandell Labbozzetta, co-founder of Life Puzzle. The business falls under the Life Coach category in the sector, they are also NLP Practioners. Chandell has an amazing personal story and her drive for life is directly reflected in her business.  Chandell has this successful business but she is also continually growing personally, she loves public speaking and delivering keynote presentations, but also helping other people to be able to deliver the presentations they want.

Second, I would like to introduce you to Will Oakley, from Vision Personal Training on Chapel St. To fulfil his dream of owning and running his own Personal Training Franchise, Will has made the move from Sydney. Vision concentrates mainly with individuals that want Fat Loss. However, it is not a case of there you go, loose your fat and away you go. At Vision, the initial consultation is so much more. They learn what makes each individual tick, so then each program can be customised and revamped specifically to the clients personality.

Finally, I want to throw out a special mention to Justin Dunne, who unfortunately for him has been appointed my mentor for BNI. Justin has been a BNI Member for 6 years now and has a chunk of testimonials to support the positives of the program. Last week Justin sat down with me and explained the generals of BNI and the immediate information I need to move forward. I will later have a One on One with Justin, but I will give you a quick snapshot of his business now. He is a Property Consultant, his services include being a Buyers Advocate, Sales/Sales Advisory Service and Property Management. I guess we all cringe when we talk about car salesmen or property consultants because we feel they are just there to steal our money. However, Justin works to get the best price for the client and I have seen proof of the money he has saved, and gained clients that have brought and sold properties.

So people, that is what is happening with Freedom Tiger at the moment in a physical sense. The other stuff will be updated all in good time!

A sneak peek… A new training routine and being in the middle of another Detox.


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