The power of the spoken word!

The human body/mind constantly surprises me. And, what I am about to discuss is not new knowledge to me but it is knowledge that increasingly makes me appreciate the power of us!

We live our days with dreams and hopes locked up inside us and some of us never let anyone know these thoughts. They can drive us mad, and the fact that they are trapped inside can be the reason that they never come true.

However, on the other hand is the power of the spoken word. Once we make known to the world what we are dreaming, our body unconsciously does everything in its power to make that a reality. I guess why I bring this up now is that lately it seems to be a predominant pattern in my life. I have also worked out that if I keep things in my mind then I can’t function as a person, with being a locked fort comes tears, and they are never any good.

A few months ago I mentioned to my Naturopath that I needed some girlfriends, instead of the usual group of guy mates that I hang around. And now, alongside my great guy mates, I also have a solid group of girlfriends. This process has been happening in my business ventures and it may have its influences in my personal life. However, those details are too personal to post on this blog. Except that I can tell you that I want to spend the 2012/13 NBA Season in New York working for the Knicks- that is the latest dream in play.

So I guess I dare the Freedom Tiger followers in the world. I dare you to say something out loud. I dare you to set new goals and tell your best friend. Or tell that guy or girl you have feelings for them. Set yourself a health/fitness goal you never ever imagined possible.

I never in my life imagined I would be able to run 21km’s, and I did just that last October. Tomorrow, with no training I am running the 14.5km Run for the Kids. I am excited to know whether I still have it in me!

I dare you to tell a friend your dreams… you won’t regret it!


One comment on “The power of the spoken word!

  1. Sammy WOW! how much you have grown in the short time I have known you. Great words to spread viral. Well done honey XX!!

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