Run for the Kids

Today I ran, or should I say, I completed the 14.5pm Run for the Kids. It was so painful, even more painful than the 21kms I ran last October. My training regime for the 21kms was so calculated and in the end the run was relatively easy (in a manner of speaking) and I really enjoyed it.

I attempted to run today with no training. I could not run the whole way. I ran the first 7kms and then I walked/ran the rest, I think I probably walked a total of 2.5kms.

I was so devastated with my effort, we are all our worst critics. However, being the optimist I am, it got me thinking… Today was the Run for the Kids. We raised money for a good cause. I am thankful that I was able to be out there doing it, because some people don’t get the chance.

I found it particulary inspiring the people that were running whilst pushing someone in a wheelchair. A great effort from both parties. 33,000 people can say that they supported today, all those people can say they went through the Burnley Tunnel and over the Boltr bridge.

Congratulations to all the competitors!


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