Good Friday Appeal

I don’t know what it is but when people in Australia come together as a team but it makes me so proud to be Australian.

Today at the Good Friday Appeal was no different. I felt privileged to spend the day in the phone room. There were smiles everywhere and I was amazed at how many volunteers were actually in the room.

The event was so well organised and all the TV presenters made it really easy to stand there and enjoy the day.

Check out photos of some of the basketball players!

After spending the majority of the day at The Good Friday Appeal I made my way over to MSAC for a very special promotion with the Melbourne Tigers (photo to come).

Three of the players, Corey Williams, Daryl Corletto and Tommy Greer had the opportunity to shoot some hoops with RnB Hip Hop star, Chris Brown.

The guy can actually play a decent game. They didn’t go easy on the trash talk either between the teams and they ended up playing for about an hour and a half!

An exciting, and very fulfilling day for me. Some of the perks of the job!


One comment on “Good Friday Appeal

  1. The Good Friday Appeal is one of Melbourne”s great institutions.Well done for getting involved in such a big way. Barbara and i are visiting David Uehling and family in Toronto,Canada. David had a look at your blog which impressed him. He said that he sent you a message.Tomorrow we travel back to Seattle. I will be in touch.

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