A diet to suit your body can help you with peak performance…

Some of you may, or may not know that this time last year I undertook a 9 week detox and completely changed my eating habits.

Since then I have kept myself on a no wheat and no dairy diet with an occasional slip, but I always feel it after.

If I eat wheat now then onset of pain from it occurs in about 5-10 minutes in my stomach, it is so painful that it’s just not worth it. Especially if I am out in public, being bloated and having serious stomach pains is not a good combination. But, I have found in this detox that the Gluten may also have an affect on me (an affect that I thought I had isolated and eliminated) but oats leave me feeling lethargic. As for dairy, there are no immediate affects, however over a longer use (a day or so) I get a bit stuffed up in my throat and nose.

I love that I know the way my body reacts to wheat and dairy, and now I’m thinking gluten. Because, even though it is super hard to avoid things when you are out, or when you are hanging out with friends, the pain out weighs the positives.

It’s funny to think back to my high school days. I used to eat 8 Weet-Bix for breakfast and wonder why I had a stomach ache. I would have a sandwich for lunch. My favourite food was pasta, so that would generally have been dinner. That is a heap of wheat and dairy that my body was consuming per day. I couldn’t get through the day without a nana nap.

It just goes to show the strong reflection between what we eat and how we can function. I always thought my digestive system was made of steel, but I now know otherwise.

So I guess I urge you to review your diet if you experience regular pains after eating or are not getting the best performance out of your body.


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