Am I good at dating?

I was speaking with a friend about dating today, and they said “I’m no good at this dating thing,” it got me thinking, who is?

I mean who writes the rules and regulations about who is good at dating. This would have to depend on the outcome goals of the individual.

If an individual has set their sites on a relationship or marriage then being in the dating game is never going to be successful until the one is found, so they will never consider themselves “good at dating” until that special someone is by their side.

However, if an individuals goal is to go on three dates a week, this measurable, very possible and could constitute someone being “good at dating” with direct reflection to the number of dates that person goes on.

Some people would consider “good at dating” people the ones to get that kiss, or even more at the end of the night. Therefor they judge their skills on the number of good night kisses they achieve.

It is up to all of us to decide what we want out of dating, out of relationships and out of life. We worry so much about the norms of dating and sometimes forget to smell the fresh air. We are all unique for a reason. If we do things our way, it is then that we will achieve our greatest results.

Don’t compare your experiences to someone else’s – make your path yours. If you’re a guy, take a girl to your favourite places, show her a part of you. If your a girl, then let the man be the man.

But, who am I to comment? I’m no expert!

All I can say is, follow your dreams and follow your heart!

Wow! Profound for a Sunday night. And remember, you are good at dating!


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