I want to start by first asking if you have seen the movie “Hitch” starring Will Smith?

For those of you that have will be able to relate to the following blog freely. If you haven’t, it is a movie about women whispering, if you are a man how to get the woman of your dreams even if they seem out of your league. Will Smith takes on clients that are wanting to do just that, he promises that in three dates they will be in love.

There is this one scene where Will Smith is teaching one of his clients how to usher a woman through a room by a slight touch on her back. He explains to his client, if you touch too low it means you are just looking for a good time, and if you touch too high then you are implying you only want to be friends.

This past weekend I had a couple of these occasions in a goodbye scenario. And, in the risk of making a fool out of myself or the men that I had the moment with I will tell all. It’s with this moment that females can judge in their head whether they would like to get to know you at a deeper level or not. Get this right and I guarantee that a female will think twice about you.

On Friday night I met a tall, handsome gentlemen, I enjoyed talking to him but it was nearing the end of the night. As we all said our goodbyes and we kissed on the cheek, he also placed his hand on my back. It was a touch to be remembered for all the right reasons. With his touch to my back he placed his hand a small margin below the centre point and as he walked away he lingered in his touch. Instantly I have a vivid and fond memory of this guy, as simple as that.

The other goodbye moment that I had with a guy, which didn’t end as well as the first one happened on Saturday night. When this man said goodbye, he did the same as the first and kissed me on the cheek. But, instead of placing his hand in that perfect spot i discussed earlier, he made a mistake. He placed his hand just above my bottom, and unless a man knows a female is ultimately comfortable with them then this will always leave us female specimens feeling sour.

If you are a man reading this then maybe you think there is no difference. Trust me, there is. Learn the art of body language and the sensitivity of the female’s skin. Maybe I’m old fashion but us girls enjoy the simple things. Hold the door open for us. Don’t start eating until we do. Get to know our girlfriends!

Gallop in on a white horse, just kidding!

All I’m saying it’s the small details that make the difference, not the big gestures.


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