Childish memories

I allocated today as a stay at home day, a day that I didn’t need to get in the car.

I thought this was a perfect solution to finally kicking this cold that has been bothering me the last week.

I then had this sudden urge to watch Dawson’s Creek. I guess you could describe it as the teen soap drama of the 90’s. The story starts with a bunch of 15 year olds going through the usual things at this age, puberty, dating and school. It is readily referenced as the American soap that gave its stars a script that was way beyond the intellectual capacity of a 15 year old, its target audience would not have known most of the meanings of the words used.

The show aired in 1998, so I would have been 12 years old. To me it was a show that provided me with some light entertainment, as I was a year or so off puberty and having my first kiss.

I revisit it today with a completely different outlook, clearly. After watching the first episode and a half I can complete relate it back to when I was 15.

Like Dawson, I too lived next door to my best friend of the opposite sex. We never actually had the embarrassing conversation that Joey and Dawson had about how puberty was going to effect our relationship but we did notice the dynamic changes that challenged our friendship.

I had three really close guy friends and when I was growing up between the ages of 11-18. These three boys would do anything for me, and I don’t mean the trivial things. I mean that if a guy was mean to me then they would take care of them, if I was crying then they would be there for me (I hardly ever cried, so this was rarely a problem), and if my motorbike broke down they would readily give me a lift on the back of the one they were riding. We were just great mates, we got up to as much mischief as any kids can growing up in the country.

There is this priceless scene in the second episode of Dawson’s Creek where his Dad is teaching him how to kiss. This scene forced me into a flashback from when I was growing up. I guess this is one of the bonuses of having guy mates, one of them actually taught me how to kiss. Don’t worry it didn’t go any further than that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Dawson’s Creek is so relatable. Watching it back as a 25 year old, it is sparking me to relive the memories of when I was the age of the actors in the show.

When was your first kiss? When did you start seeing your friends of the opposite sex in a different light?

They are such treasured memories. The first time you do anything is always exciting as you will never get that moment back again. Sometimes a first is the only time you experience something. Skydiving – I think I might keep that as a first and only.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?


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