A reply…

A few days ago I posted a blog on my Dad and my relationship, and then I asked him to reply. This is what he said:
Our relationship in the early years when we, for the most part were separated was difficult for both of us.Your word “disjointed” probably describes the times when we shared our interests in sport and the possibilities for education.It seemed,not too surprisingly, that agreement was sometimes hard to find. But now there is ,for me, great joy in our relationship.

Through the years it has been such a pleasure  to hear about your aspirations, have the opportunity to provide whatever moral support I can provide and  to hear how you plan to move ahead with your life.

You showed great persistence in pursuing your education and the way in which you have grown personally. I have been an avid supporter all the way but perhaps not in ways not easily recognized.

.     Now our relationship is strong, growing and very satisfying to me.
Remember I will always love you and be your champion.

Love, Dad


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