The truth of the matter is there are many times when I just stare at this blank blog space and wonder which compartment of thoughts to open in my brain and share. Most times it’s clear what topic I want to talk about and once I start everything follows suite. But, I guess today is a little different as my brain is filled with many thoughts and perhaps they are not sorted in perfect English.

Let’s start with something simple like the confusion I have about which Macbook Air to buy. Do I get the 11 inch, I can fit in my handbag model or do I continue to work on a 13 inch as I do now and buy that. I guess for many people this dilemma would not be a challenge. I love the ability to work anywhere, but I also love the ability to have many applications and pages open at once, will the 11-inch be big enough for that?

Another thought that comes to mind is balance. The fact that my weight goes up and down like a yo-yo. I guess its not even my weight but more the size of my overall body. I mean this time last year I was training for the half marathon and very slim. Whereas now my favourite activity is boxing and I probably carrying a little more muscle. The fact that I hold a bedroom in the country and home and a place in the city is another factor that springs to mind. It stresses me that my clothes, belongings and jewelry is spread over two households.

I then think about the the never it rains but it pours theory when discussing boys. It was only two weeks ago that I was overwhelmed with the attention I was getting, and now it seems to be a measly trickle. And, I am the first to say don’t base your happiness on this factor – but everyone loves a bit of attention from whatever sex they are interested in. This stuff works on roulette though, it will come around again.

I guess the last thing that is in my mind and perhaps the item that carries the most weight, is family concern. I wonder for the well-being of my family and I hope that they are striving to get the most out of the life they are leading. Honesty is very important to me, and I guess that can be overlooked sometimes because we all make mistakes and have to pick up the pieces in our own way. I guess what I mean is that I look to be honest with my family all the time. The memory that stands out the most on this matter is the ONE time that I lied to my Mum. I had a friend that was sneaky around everyone’s back seeing this other family friend of ours. I knew about the relationship and I couldn’t tell my family. I straight up lied to Mum and I felt terrible after. Lying, dishonesty and failing to voice your opinion with your family I think is the greatest sin because they will always be there and it’s up to us how pure we make that relationship.

I dread a conversation I have to have with a family member and I guess we all say a band-aid approach is needed… But everyone loves a bit of sunshine, right?

I’ll let you know how it goes.


One comment on “Balance

  1. I know the lie, I know u well , some big decisions to make some small some bigger, go with your heart, be nice, be kind, be sensitive, be loving, be thoughtful, be honest this may have broken the ice,
    love u

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