Tourist in your own town

I have recently taken up a room in the big smoke and although I have lived in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs most of my life I feel like a tourist.

I spend a considerable amount of time in the car and I guess that’s the way I see the town and the scenery as it leaves little time for wandering.

However, the last couple of weeks I have allowed more leeway and have been spending more time in the city. I go for walks and I feel like a tourist. I have discovered things I never thought were there.

Tonight I started on a walk with my puppy dog with no idea where I was going to end up! At about 5.20pm I stood at the top of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and watched the sunlight hitting the top of the city buildings in its last moments of daylight with the dark blue sky and big fluffy clouds. I walked around The Tan, observing everyone running and exercising. I walked down St Kilda Road watching all the cars trudging by.

Before too long I looked at my watch and realised that I had been walking for two hours or so. The walking is relaxing, it gives me time and not to mention I love watching the people rush around after work hurrying to get home when I’m exactly where I am meant to be.

If you want to come and be a tourist with me in your own city then let me know. It completely clears your mind.


One comment on “Tourist in your own town

  1. I love the story about being a tourist “at home”. Melbourne is really a beautiful city which can be enjoyed best onfoot and at sundown as you described.The city has an everchanging face for those of us like you who look and see.
    Next time I am in town let’s take a stroll.
    By the way I thought your little piece was evocative.
    Love Dad

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