No place like home

To me, London always feels like my second home. My Aunty and Uncle’s house, aka the Spaldino Palace always comforts me, no matter how long between visits.

I love the familiar scents, the smell of my Aunty’s perfume, the aroma from the oven and even the lingering of the washing detergent in the air.

When I go to the kitchen I instinctively know where everything is, the glasses, the cereal, the fridge (it’s hidden as part of the cupboards). Although the place feels like home it also feels like a boutique hotel accommodation. The bed always looks fluffy and inviting, and the fresh towels hang over the heater.

When I walk into the bathroom there is everything you need laid out on the bench. There is cleanser, hairspray, mouse, deodorant, cotton wool buds etc. In the shower there are hotel sized shampoo and conditioner in an assorted array, alongside body washes and scrubs.

I love this place, I truly do.

The other thing I really love is that I can open the bottom drawer in my room (also my cousins room when he was growing up) and there are all his old rugby jerseys. It’s like pulling my old favourite hoodie out of my drawers at home.

I feel so calm inside

… if only the rain would stop…


One comment on “No place like home

  1. You really sound contented to be in Spaldino Palace.It must be great to be so comfortable with your relatives and to receive such a loving welcome. Stay calm—the rain will stop.
    Love Dad

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