We began the day with breakfast, as you would, and we (My cousin, his wife, my sister and I) were excited about the day of exploring that lay ahead! A walk along the beach, spending time shopping, lunch and checking out the kite festival, that’s right a kite festival.

Half way to our destination in the car it begins to pour down rain… So we drive along the beach where we would of walked, then parked undercover at the shopping centre and start to wander about.

Eventually the rain stopped and the sun even came out to play!

This story better told in photos…

Matthew with his Jason Mraz hat on!


The rain stopped...

Mackenzie wrecks the illusion that it's sunny, warm weather with her rugged up outfit



Look very carefully at this kite!

Ghost train ride!

Matt and Emily at the Ice Cream truck

Mackenzie with her new D&G sunnies on supporting a trendy army hat!


3 comments on “Portsmouth

  1. yes – come prepared please – its autumn weather, cool, wet. Pack layers but make sure you have warm and weather clothing

  2. Matt, Emily and Mackenzie seem to be having a great time.I suppose the photographer was somewhere around during this Portsmouth excursion.
    Let’s hope that the rain stays on the coast for next weekend.
    Love Dad

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