Coastal Retreat

Since I commented on the Palace accommodation, my cousin has brought forward that it is only fair that I comment on the rest of the places I stay during my time in the U.K. The next place of stay is the Coastal Retreat in Waterlooville.

This place is definitely another home, cupboards full of food and a big backyard! However, the premises was clearly home to OLD people before they moved in. It currently has bright orange wall paper in most rooms, with matching curtains, and 50’s style lights.

The funniest thing about this place is all the stuff my cousin has to do before his baby is born in December…

He was kind enough to attach a bathroom door before we got there, with a proper handle and all – really considerate.

He has to build a cupboard in the spare room.

Move all his stuff out of office, now the nursery and put it in the spare room cupboard.

Convert office into nursery.

Renovate lounge room.

All before the 7th of December! Good luck to him.

Hospitality was top notch – a bacon and egg cook up on Sunday, and a BBQ to end the day.

Eat, Walk, Sleep, Eat, Walk, Sleep… that’s pretty much how the two days in Waterlooville panned out!

Thanks Matthew and Emily for the hospitality.



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