Let me tell you about Twicks, on the map you will find it by searching Twickenham. It’s one of my favourite places in London, mainly due to the Thames being so close and the sporting culture. It’s big on the rugby and at one stage all the bars in town were named with a rugby theme.

Like Amersham, it always feels like a little bit of home. I lived on my cousins couch for five months a few years back, I worked in The Tup, ate pizza and pies all the time and put on about eight kilos. Oh the memories!

This time around I visit Twicks to stay with my Cuz and his future wife (a week today).

I find myself on familiar territory, sleeping on the couch, I swear it is 5’7″ in length… Just made for me. This place is quirky. Space is not abundant, so everything has its own place… Mackenzie and I even cooked dinner one night, it took us about 10-15 minutes to find all the utensils that we needed. It’s only today (three days on) that we have found the sugar, in a COFFEE jar, who would have thought?

The bathroom, I must admit, makes up for the time wasted trying to find things in the kitchen!

Cuz’s fiancee, Kati works for Lancome Beauty. The array of products are amazing, I didn’t know half the stuff existed. Cleansing milks, hair masks, hydrating oils, this, that, and everything else. The choice added time to showering – like a kid in a candy store!

Top notch hospitality at the Twicks Inn, despite having to cook a meal! Just joking… I look forward to the wedding day next Saturday.



2 comments on “Twicks

  1. The Twicks Inn sounds like a reasonable place to stay,bed ,food, cosmetics and good company.I hope that Dan and Kati have a gorgeous day for their wedding. Lots of love from barbara and me.

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