This one is for you Humie

Strangest thing happened today.

I felt like running.

I walked out of my Aunty and Uncle’s front gates and I started running.

I understand that you may not share the same enthusiasm for this that I do. But, since I ran the Half Marathon back in October 2010, I think I have run a total of about 15km’s.

There is a few reasons for this, I didn’t have another goal so there was no motivation to run. But, I guess the biggest reason is because of the pain I put my body through to get to the starting line of the race. I was icing my knee after every run, I was having to tape my feet to avoid getting blisters every run, and if I did get blisters I had to keep training and run through the pain, I was getting massages once a week and I couldn’t sleep. It was a very interesting experience, doing all this extra physical activity but not being able to sleep to go again the next day. Leading up to the race I would wake up at 2-3am in the morning, be wide awake, I’d do an hour of work (or write) and then fall back to sleep.

I didn’t run any big feat today, probably less than 2km’s. However, I did find a rhythm early, I felt as if I could have run a lot further if I didn’t have to pick up the shopping as well as buy hairbands to get my hair out of my face.

I guess what I want to share with you is that I am astonished at my urge to go that little bit faster than a walk.

I’m exciting to see what is around the corner… who knows?



2 comments on “This one is for you Humie

  1. This is a very exciting essay. You are right .We do need to go faster than a walk.If you can you should! Just imagine ( and remember) how much one feels.
    I am inspired.
    Love Dad

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