The Den

True to my word I am discussing all my accommodation in the UK. I stayed with family the whole time so it’s like putting them all up against each other. Before I tell you about the The Den I want to say that each place is completely different and they all hold their own character and purpose.

If you have been following my travels this time around you will know I have stayed at The Palace, the Coastal Retreat, Twicks and finally the Den.

When I visited the UK last year I spent most of my time at the Den. It’s in the prime area of Earls Court, Central London, I also had my own key and could come and go as I please. The place has two entrance points, the main front door and the Den, where you take steps down from the pavement. It’s the perfect place to crash after a night out or a big day shopping in London.

It was only a fleeting stay this time around but all the same my cousin, Lib showed us great hospitality. A bedroom each to ourselves, and a sleep in when Lib went to work in the morning!

I feel the Den is most alike to the Palace. There are many memories that have been made there, if only the walls could speak. I remember being there as a young kid, always a joyous environment. There are many photos to browse on the walls and I even love to sit near the window in the morning sun and watch the feet of the people that pass by.

I feel blessed that London feels like my second home, and that I have family that are WILLING to have me stay!

Thanks Lib! I will see you in Feb 2012 for our Campervan road trip from Brisbane to Sydney!



One comment on “The Den

  1. What a lucky one you are to have London as a second home populated by a welcoming family. They certainly are a great lot and with weddings and babies coming along the family grows. I am looking forward to hearing more about the wedding soon.
    Love Dad

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