On Writing…

I realise that my dedication to the Freedom Tiger blog has dwindled, but I want to explain to you right now that it’s not out of lack of trying. For some time I’ve been struggling to find my voice when is comes to writing it down, which is strange because writing it down is a huge part of me. I can say that social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have helped with the venting or news happenings in my life during my time away from WordPress.

To be honest I have been scared of writing. Today I am going to share the story of why, which has been contained for a pretty long time…

In promotion of the book “Parenting Freak Ability” I was writing an article for 442 Magazine, a publication about Football or Soccer depending on your style and where you came from. The article was about the Aloisi brothers and whether the way they were parented played a part ont the football skills they had.

Here is the situation. I had to liase with the client (the author of the book) and the editor of 442 in order to bring the right article. I wrote my first draft, which I handed onto the author after doing a few edits. He gave his suggestions, there were a few. I love to learn so I took these suggestions on board and went back to the computer. I changed the article substantially and then took it back to the author. He still wasn’t happy and made this very clear. I completely second guessed my instincts on the article, I was nervous about sending it to the editor and I even had a little cry due to the stress of it.

However, I was aware about deadlines and the fact that the editor needed a copy of the article and photos that night. With a click of the mouse, a feeling most of us know so well, the article was in the air.

For the next 24 hours I was on edge, so nervous about what the editor was going to think about the article, the writing and ME. I received an email back within the next 48 hours and the editor loved the article and was going to run it in the next copy of 442. My writing was going to get a double page feature in a magazine. I was stoked!

Looking back on the situation, the author really didn’t need the input into the article that I gave him. However, being a really good friend of mine I thought it the right thing to do.

I have learnt a mountains since that day when it comes to writing. It’s much like art, not everyone likes every painting that is finished. Not everyone likes Vermeer or Ken Done, it’s an opinion. The same applies to writing – I have people that enjoy my thoughts and I have people that couldn’t give two pennies for it. But, my thoughts are true to myself and it’s only when you try and be something else that you are not utilising your skills.

If you are someone that burns for writing, then I can’t stress enough to ead the book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King. When you do, make sure you have sticky notes and a binder book next to you to take the parts that are relevant to you. My Dad gave me that book, and honestly he couldn’t have spent his money any better. I carried it around for weeks AFTER finishing it.

I suspect following this blog you’ll be seeing me around a lot more on the WordPress, it feels good to get that off the chest. I feel as if I have unlocked a massive hideaway in my brain.



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