Broken Foot

If I felt like I was lost for writing inspiration last week – that’s certainly not the truth now. I have a great story for you. I was riding my push bike around Richmond, as I do so often. I was coming back to the office along Church street and about to turn right into Gordon Street. Usually this is the time where I get off the bike, wait for the traffic and then run across the road. But, a rarity, there was no traffic on the road so I decided to just scoot across on the bike.

Before I go on and you know all the details, I just want you to know that there is no way I could have stopped the catapult motion of falling off the bike and for those that ride a bike are sure to be able to relate. The front rim got stuck in the tram tracks, my bike went right and I flew out the front of the handle bars. There was a total of two people around that asked if I was ok? Here is the thing, I have been falling off horses for 20 years and we are always taught not to make a fuss unless you can’t breathe, feel a limb or walk. I could do all of these things. There is one catch I was wearing heels (again another motion I do often while riding the bike – but that may be the last time).

I got back on my bike rode the 50 metres to my office, walked in, took my heels off and assessed the situation. There were four points of pain. First I assessed that the pain in my right calf would develop into nothing more than a sweet bruise. Second I had maybe a 5cm or so graze on my left elbow that was giving out a bit of blood, that would be ok. Third I assessed my left thumb, to any normal person that has not hurt their thumb before would be worried. However, due to many snow ski and horse riding accidents what I was looking down on was a common occurrence. I simply knew that I’d done a great job a pulling ligaments and adding to the tonne of scar tissue that already surrounds my thumb, so that was cool. The last point of assessment was my foot.

At this stage it looked pretty normal, I have pronounced ankles in usual circumstances so the swelling there wasn’t of too much concern. The main concern was the blue colour of my toes and the two little wounds I had along the outside of my foot above my little toe. My sister was making a fuss, which in these sorts of situations I don’t warm well to. I simply said, I’m walking the 800 metres to my car to get some flat shoes because I can’t wear heels anymore right now.

Bad idea Sammy! I get half way there and the nausea sets in, I’m a little dizzy but I have no option but to keep going forward. I get to the house and lay on my sisters bed – I’m in a considerable amount of pain at this stage. I look down at a lump on the outside of my foot and its also turned a dark shade of blue. I ring Mother and tell her I think I have broken my foot.

The great thing about all of us Charlton girls, we are great in a crisis. Mackenzie rushes home from the office, puts me in the car (my car may I add as hers is at the body shop) and takes me to Emergency Alfred.

I always find it amusing in Emergency that everything takes so long. However, they did put me on the Fast Track. There was some pretty crazy stuff happening in that hospital yesterday. One guy had dropped a weight on his finger at the gym and crushed it completely. One guy who I got talking to had dropped a board of wood on this leg at work LAST Thursday and thought that it was a little strange how swollen it was so thought he’d have it checked out, he had a gash from his knee to his ankle. One guy had his face bitten by a dog, the poor chap had just finished high school and was excited about starting a new job.

And then there was me… They insisted on taking x-rays on my thumb but I told them they would find anything. And of course they took x-rays of my ankle. I had a trainee taking x-rays so that went forever.

To cut a long story short. I have a bone floating a little off my little metatarsal. Elevation for a week in a boot and then possible pins and fibreglass plaster.

There is two ways you can take this information. Lie around and feel sorry for yourself or get things done. I was shocked and emotional when I first heard the news, but what can you do. It’s a blessing in disguise that I need some extra sleep, it’s a blessing in disguise that I won’t be roped into excessive drinking during Spring Carnival, although I’m a little sad as going to the races is one of my favourite pastimes.

I still get to do my radio show on Sunday – as long as my foot is up, and same goes for meetings. This will force me to organise my time better, work on educating more people on social media and chasing new clients. People will have to come to me for meetings, so that is not all that bad. I’ll get to borrow Mum’s sweet ride for a while (my car is manual and hers is automatic) and I’ll probably get to spend more time with my puppy dog.

It is a downer on the lack of exercise and not being able to ride my horse – but thems the breaks. It could be worse.

Well that’s the initial update people, I’ll let you know more when I do!


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