Daily humps in the road

I know this term gets thrown around in this day and age “don’t take things for granted” but seriously, don’t take the simple act of having a shower for granted. I mean there is the fact that we have beautiful water here is Aus, a roof over our head and internet. But I’m talking more about the effort that goes into having a shower when you have a broken foot.

I consider myself an optimistic person and I always feel that things happen for a reason but it’s really hard to stay positive when taking a shower makes me feel so helpless and not to mention the sight of my bruised and battered foot is enough to make me feel queazy.

I’m sorry to the people that don’t want details but here is the truth and really there is a certain entertainment value behind it. Leaning against the wall to be able to take clothes off, putting weight on crutches to be able to flick the shorts off, not to mention the pain of pulling the compression sock off my foot, which I conclude on top of the break has some ligament damage. But that’s just my expert opinion.

I have been tackling the showers in Mum’s bathroom because you could drive an F1 truck into hers opposed to a S2000 into my shower. I have good help in these situations, but I must say tonight I got set up all by myself. The key difficulties are getting from standing position onto a small plastic stool after the shower is running and then doing the opposite at the end. It’s a very dangerous movement, as most surfaces are slippery once you throw water in the mix as we all know.

The other thing you take for granted is drying yourself so efficiently. With a broken foot the time that goes into this action, drying carefully between every toe. I looked down at the time after my first shower after getting home from the hospital and it took 45 minutes – in this time normally I could have a shower, choose clothes, do my makeup and be ready to go!

Just saying.



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