Good Morning Melbourne! Also special mentions to my family in the UK and USA.

Injury Update.

I spent 9 days in a moon boot with a broken foot, elevated and trying to get the swelling down. I then waited two hours last Friday to see a specialist, who then booked me in to get my fifth metatarsal wired back together on Saturday. Talk about a whirlwind.

I’d say there are a couple of things that scare me in this world, one of them being going under on the operating table – what if I never wake up?

Saturday morning I checked into the hospital at 7.30am – hoping for a 12noon operation. As we know in hospitals this is never the case and time began passing very slowly. I must say it did not help that I was alone in the hospital, it allowed me time to think up horror stories in my head and give my self a sickening feeling in my stomach. Not to mention that I get very grumpy when I haven’t eaten for a couple of hours and I hadn’t eaten since 9pm on Friday night.

I waited…

Eventually at about 4.15pm or so I was rolled out of my beautiful room, that I shared with three other people and taken down into the operation zone. So many questions… and the same ones over and over again.

I think by 6.15om I was back in my room in recovery. Dehydrated, dizzy, wanting to vomit.

I attempted to leave at 9pm and go home (with hospital consent of course) but the dizziness was too much. I stayed overnight, still not much pain, more just being uncomfortable.

I left the next morning…

To be honest I feel as though I do have a high pain tolerance. But, post surgery is a hell of a lot more painful than post injury. Pray for the Endone to kick in.

I have a wire in my foot holding my fifth metatarsal together, and I think at times I can feel the coldness of it in there…

I’ll keep you updated.



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