HONEY Speaker Series Event

Last night I strapped on my Networking boots on and screwed my financial brain into place and made my way down to Honey bar in South Melbourne. The bar held the first event of their Speaker Series, titled “Investing in Turbulent Times”.

Let’s just say I was able to fit into a few minority groups within the very busy room. I am 25 (so young), I’m a female and I am wearing a moonboot. Lucky for me, I love to stand out! You can’t let this stuff get in the way of you making new friends.

The guest speakers for the night were Andrew Stuart (co-founder of Hocking Stuart in the late 1970’s), Michael Mansfield (Senior Investment Advisot RBS Morgans) and Michael Sullivan (Senior Partner National Australia Bank).

I can’t say I have shared that sort of company for quiet a while. I was happy to learn quickly that they were actually a great group of guys and seriously know their stuff in the fields they have chosen.

I’m not going to lie many words spoken about the financial place that Australia finds themselves in and the best way to spend your coin went straight over my head. But, I did pick up a couple of tips that will help me out immediately.

I set myself two goals for the night. 1. Make sure Andrew Stuart knew who I was and what I do because how cool would it be to do Social Media for a Real Estate Agent and 2. Meet John the other owner of Honey because I really love the place and I wanted to finally meet the other half of the power team that runs the bar. Everything else on top of that was a bonus. I met some pretty smart, young 21 year old guys that are in the commerce/financial worlds, I met a well established photographer and I also met a young man that has a charity that creates positive experiences for people that are burdened with cancer.

All in all it was a good night and well done to Honey. Let’s just hope that next time there is a powerful woman on the panel!

See you at the next one. Let me know if you want to join me.


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